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One Night In Tokyo
part 2 contenued



I walked out the door soon after momo left. I turned around shut the door and locked the dead bolt. I walked fast got on my silver bike and pettled off, remembering what Bill said it cannot be that far away. I rode far down the sidewalk untill I saw a small little house hidden in the thick trees down a few feet. I whent down the steep hill and perched my bick aginst the side of the house. And whent up to the door and pushed the small ringer on the side of the door. Some one came to the door i backed up real quick. "Hi Kairi, want to come in?" I replied "Sure, " He motioned me to come inside. I noticed that there was not alot of things in the main room. He sat on the couch and he i guess wanted me to sit down too. We turned on the TV and it got pretty nice after that, we watched a few horror movies and I think that i fell asleep. because when i woke up i was in my pajamas and laying in a bed. I was tottaly clueless of what happened at all last night. "That was the second time you whent dozy on my you know." He laughed. I scratched my eyes and sat up i guessed that it was his room cause it had pictures of bands and..."oh My Gawd! I love that band." I pointed to the Tokio Hotel poster up above the top of the bed. "Haha, yea i know i met you at the first concert, remember i met you backstage i guessed you could not remember that good. Oh well life goes by..." Feeling sorry for him i patted him on the back and said, "Want to go to get a smoothie? I get them free."

"Sure can i take you some where WITHOUT you passing out on my AGIAN?!" I laughed "Sure," He gave me my clothes that I wore the day before he cleaned them smelled good too. I whent into teh bathroom changed into the clothes and came back. "Come in here for a second!" He yelled from his room, " I have somthing for you!" I walked into the room and he handed me a box. It said on the top 'To:Kairi from your #1 fan Bill" There was a single ribbon apon the top i pulled at it and the paper fell. The box was just normal I opened it to find a dimond covered microphone. "I-Its beautyful, thank you." He hugged me from behind and said, "I used that to sing my first song that was for you." My eyes started to water and i hugged him back. "I love you," "I love you too." We turned and walked out the door and instead of riding our bikes we walked holding hands untill we got where we where going.



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