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One Night In Tokyo
The best days of our lives

THe best days of our lives

Fanfiction by Kairi Addiction


Person:You do not know her name until the 2nd part

boy: You do not also know his name until the second part.

My eyes slowly opened as my head was throbing. This guy i dont think i had ever seen before said "Man that was awesome!" Not knowing who the guy was, I roughly got myself up on my bottom they man helped my apoun my feet. "Thank you, I realy appriciate your help." I said relived, "no prob'" he replied quickly he had told me to follow him to the other side of the very trashed room. It looked as if a cyclone hit this place, "OH CRAP!" I yelled i had almost triped over a empty beer can but he catched my before i made my way to the floor. "Here we are," he said, he pointed to my bike as gave me a coat to put on so i would not get chilly out on the cold wet street. He went into the other room for a second and came out with a large bike and helped my apoun mine. He got on his and we rode to the park, not knowing what time it was at the time i did not realy care. It was the best timwe that i had, in a LONG time. For some reason I think that I've seen him before though, but where? "Here we are." He said he grabed for my hand and pulled me towards a hill. He wispered "It is a dark night beautyful for a first kiss." I replied "Yes it is," I had no idea who this person was but he was the nicest person that i have ever been with, also the best looking! He positioned me in front of him and lowered down to my level, lets just say 'it was tence. I was sweating scared it had never kissed a boy as good as him i thought "How did i get a boy so great as him?" To myself i thought that a person of my type could NEVER get a person like him. Our lips touched together i felt the coldness of my body heat to his, it was like a electric connetion! I felt his hands on my sholders grip, I streched out my hands and put them on his lower back. THis was the best day of my life!


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