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One Night In Tokyo

This blog has officialy moved to http://www.th-pick-me-up.myblog.de/

PLEASE if you wanted and liked anything on this blog i moved it to there. --Mekii-Kairi

4.10.08 16:17


part 2 contenued



I walked out the door soon after momo left. I turned around shut the door and locked the dead bolt. I walked fast got on my silver bike and pettled off, remembering what Bill said it cannot be that far away. I rode far down the sidewalk untill I saw a small little house hidden in the thick trees down a few feet. I whent down the steep hill and perched my bick aginst the side of the house. And whent up to the door and pushed the small ringer on the side of the door. Some one came to the door i backed up real quick. "Hi Kairi, want to come in?" I replied "Sure, " He motioned me to come inside. I noticed that there was not alot of things in the main room. He sat on the couch and he i guess wanted me to sit down too. We turned on the TV and it got pretty nice after that, we watched a few horror movies and I think that i fell asleep. because when i woke up i was in my pajamas and laying in a bed. I was tottaly clueless of what happened at all last night. "That was the second time you whent dozy on my you know." He laughed. I scratched my eyes and sat up i guessed that it was his room cause it had pictures of bands and..."oh My Gawd! I love that band." I pointed to the Tokio Hotel poster up above the top of the bed. "Haha, yea i know i met you at the first concert, remember i met you backstage i guessed you could not remember that good. Oh well life goes by..." Feeling sorry for him i patted him on the back and said, "Want to go to get a smoothie? I get them free."

"Sure can i take you some where WITHOUT you passing out on my AGIAN?!" I laughed "Sure," He gave me my clothes that I wore the day before he cleaned them smelled good too. I whent into teh bathroom changed into the clothes and came back. "Come in here for a second!" He yelled from his room, " I have somthing for you!" I walked into the room and he handed me a box. It said on the top 'To:Kairi from your #1 fan Bill" There was a single ribbon apon the top i pulled at it and the paper fell. The box was just normal I opened it to find a dimond covered microphone. "I-Its beautyful, thank you." He hugged me from behind and said, "I used that to sing my first song that was for you." My eyes started to water and i hugged him back. "I love you," "I love you too." We turned and walked out the door and instead of riding our bikes we walked holding hands untill we got where we where going.



30.1.08 01:26

The best day of our lives PT #2!

After the kiss

We looked at each other in a loving way. Staring into each others eyes as if our lives goal had been sucseeded. He spoke softly "My name is Bill, what is yours?" I responded in hesitation because wheni herd is name come out of his soft lips i remembered who he was. "M-my name is Kairi,"

"Alright Kairi, i have a house in the woods in town that if you go down the trail you will see it."

He wispered in my ear, "I'll be waiting..." He got upon his bicycle and pettled off, I was excited! I got on my bike and started moving, It was SO COLD!  It was freezing! Well it did not matter to me. A few years ago my mother died of breast cancer and my dad went away when i was young, so i learn to live on my own with no adult concent. I mean it is not so BAD living on my own it just gets a little lonley when all that is living with you is a rabbit and a kitty. I walked into the cold,dark apartment and took off my shoes. Lily my small kitten and wraped her small body around my ankel "Hello baba," Puurrrrr......kitty meowed. I went down the hallway to my bedroom threw my coat on the coach and jumped onto my bed. My bunny, Honey's cage was next to my bed on top of my nightstand. I mean i was not being MEAN putting her into a cage Lily would not bother her they acctualy play together but i keep her in there because if anyone was to rob our apartment Lily would be the one to attack. I started taking my clothes off to change into my pajamas when the door bell whent off. I ran to my closet door and grabed my robe put it on and tied it around my waist. Skipped out my room and ran to the door. Looked out the peep hole, it was my friend Momo. I opened the door she asked "Can i come in it is urgent?"

"Yea, just wait in the living room i will get dressed."

"Okay" said Momo,

I yelled "So watcha need?" She Yelled back, "Something bad happened, can i spend the night?" "Sure" I said a little quietly not yelling it as loud as i did the first time. I looked in my dresser and grabed her her extra clothes that she keeps here when she sleeps over. I walked into the livingroom giving her the clothes. She was crying it looked as if she had a long night. "Vixen left," It sounded as if she had a hard time getting it out. I was astonished when i herd that Vixen left, Vixen was her brother he was the only kind of family that she had left. But parshly she lived with me so I always had a extra room for her and Vixen if anything bad happened. Sence he is now gone she cannot sopport herself. Momo usualy has a daytime job at the local general store, but Vixen also worked and he was the one that bought the apartment they where staying in, also he had to use both of their paychecks to pay the bills. THey both got payed pretty well, but they where both poor. It was late so we headed on to bed. I was dreaming about what was going to happen tomarrow.

"Morning!" Yelled Momo from the Kitchen, when i got awake all i smelled was toast and eggs. When i sat up i gave Honey some more food and fed Lily.

I walked out the bedroom streaching and I glanced out into the kitchen, Momo as usual she wakes up early to make both of us breakfast. She is a realy good cook for a thirteen-year-old. "Kaikai-chan have a good sleep?" Her voice made me get awake, "Ja, it was good what about you?"

"It was good, I am off today wanna go shopping?" Said Momo. "Sorry Mo but i gotta go somewhere inportant today." She lowered down her head and said "Oh well hope you have a good time, i am going to go shop for some food and furni, need anything while i am gone?"."Na, I think i will be coming back a little late today, but be careful while you are gone DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!"

" I wont i am old enough to know that cause you know you ARE like only 2 years older than me."

                sory major delay will be contenued soon

26.1.08 18:52


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25.1.08 23:11

Omg! Read this!

Okay i am writing #2 of the story i have on here now. IT IS GONNA BE GOOD! Well i hope so, as for da moment i found a HOT animation of bill!!

         2hyv67d.gif picture by inuyashagirl607

Lol play da musik!

25.1.08 22:55

The best days of our lives

THe best days of our lives

Fanfiction by Kairi Addiction


Person:You do not know her name until the 2nd part

boy: You do not also know his name until the second part.

My eyes slowly opened as my head was throbing. This guy i dont think i had ever seen before said "Man that was awesome!" Not knowing who the guy was, I roughly got myself up on my bottom they man helped my apoun my feet. "Thank you, I realy appriciate your help." I said relived, "no prob'" he replied quickly he had told me to follow him to the other side of the very trashed room. It looked as if a cyclone hit this place, "OH CRAP!" I yelled i had almost triped over a empty beer can but he catched my before i made my way to the floor. "Here we are," he said, he pointed to my bike as gave me a coat to put on so i would not get chilly out on the cold wet street. He went into the other room for a second and came out with a large bike and helped my apoun mine. He got on his and we rode to the park, not knowing what time it was at the time i did not realy care. It was the best timwe that i had, in a LONG time. For some reason I think that I've seen him before though, but where? "Here we are." He said he grabed for my hand and pulled me towards a hill. He wispered "It is a dark night beautyful for a first kiss." I replied "Yes it is," I had no idea who this person was but he was the nicest person that i have ever been with, also the best looking! He positioned me in front of him and lowered down to my level, lets just say 'it was tence. I was sweating scared it had never kissed a boy as good as him i thought "How did i get a boy so great as him?" To myself i thought that a person of my type could NEVER get a person like him. Our lips touched together i felt the coldness of my body heat to his, it was like a electric connetion! I felt his hands on my sholders grip, I streched out my hands and put them on his lower back. THis was the best day of my life!


25.1.08 00:20


DUDEZ guess wat? Okay sence we are under comstruction and we will soon put up TONS of graphics for all ur needs!

Right at the moment i am making a link-back boutton to the side also i am going to make a cousom layout for this blog. Now i am working on that layout. From the original of THIS layout.

But yea i love many websites that are tokio hotel soon i will get used to the stuff on here i am not yet though.

24.1.08 23:45

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